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Why did i decide to become a Property Finder...

Well, i have a number of good and bad experiences i have either experienced myself or someone close to me has shared and want to share these experiences.

Some of the more negative things that happened really inspired me to help others not get caught in the purchasing traps and emotional decisions that often devalue a deal and set you back. Also, I prefer to be straight up and down and this is often not the case in this industry but being affiliated with Property Advisers Australia also appealed in this regard because we pride ourselves on being able to offer the right products for the individual client and from a variety of 'Great' developers.

This means that our clients get the best of the whole Market offering and not just the best available from what a single developer has to left....!

How do we add value to your journey....?

Particularly for 1st Time Buyers or Investors it can

be a minefield and it is all too easy to get caught up

in the excitement of purchasing a New Property.

This is where our guiding hand can help keep the focus on choosing the right property not only for your

budget but also to meet your future plans.

We would love tp help you find a Great new property to help build your portfolio, so come to and or email us at to find out how we can help.

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