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Is Investor confidence on the rise from 2019 ?

Recent surveys from experienced investors and potential first time investors, shows that the low interest rates, along with competitive pricing points toward it being a good time to invest in property.

General sentiment below

  • 29% of the respondents believing Australian property values would only increase by 0 to 5% in 2021

  • 19% believe values will remain steady next year

  • 12% believe property values will increase between 5-10% next year

  • 12% think property values will decrease 0-5% next year

  • 9% see a bigger fall coming – thinking property values could decline 5-10%, while…

  • 5% see declines of over 10% in property values ahead and

  • 4% think property values will increase over 10%

In the new build market, there is even more activity, due to the Homebuilder Grant fueling interest and covering most of the Stamp Duty expense of a move. This has led to available registered land being in low supply and therefore increased values.

Thought about building an investment or dream home ?

We help buyers find the right property for their budget and needs, with fixed price contracts and ready to let or move in - contact

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